The added value of Alliance Magnesium

Using quality to fight climate change

Alliance Magnesium has developed the cleanest technology on the market for manufacturing magnesium metal ingots from serpentine mine tailings that was accumulated over decades.

The company also recycles magnesium scrap from the metal processing industry to make high added value magnesium, thereby achieving full circularity. Located in Quebec, the company benefits from hydroelectricity for its energy needs. Using this green energy to produce the world’s most responsible magnesium is an undeniable asset.

This process is a radical change in the world of magnesium production and in the fight against climate change.

The use of magnesium is largely favoured over that of steel and aluminum. Magnesium is respectively 70% and 33% lighter than these metals. As such, it contributes directly to reducing greenhouse gases emitted by gasoline-powered vehicles. Adding this use of a Quebec based magnesium produced by Alliance Magnesium will reduce even more the ecological footprint.

Plant under construction

Remembering that the current building phase —a commercial demonstration plant—represents an investment of $145 million and allow to creation of more than 100 jobs in the Eastern Townships. Almost 100 site workers are active throughout the construction. The casting centre will become operational first, ready to recycle magnesium in early 2021. Construction will then continue for another year in order to complete the plant facilities.


A job for you

Come and contribute to a major company. Add your personality and skills to our existing dynamic, visionary team. Together, we are redefining industry standards, recovering waste products, and pooling our talents to counter climate change by manufacturing a green metal dedicated to lightening the world of transportation.

Environmentally responsible

Alliance Magnesium is contributing to a major reduction in greenhouse gas emissions. Its innovations are an agent of change compared to the methods used worldwide by other magnesium producers. This responsible investment contributes to redefining industry standards through exemplary leadership. The world’s most responsible magnesium is produced here. Alliance Magnesium is devoted to sustainable development.

Alliance Magnesium by the numbers


Magnesium has similar characteristics to aluminum, but is 33% lighter.

A 10% reduction in a car’s weight by using magnesium reduces fuel consumption by about 7%.

Alliance Magnesium owns more than 100 million tonnes of raw material.
10x less

The production of Alliance Magnesium’s magnesium = 10 times less greenhouse gas emissions .

Magnesium is 70% lighter than steel, making it a lightweight alternative capable of meeting new standards in the transportation industry.

5.6 tonnes of raw material are needed to produce 1 tonne of magnesium metal.

Alliance Magnesium owns 481 hectares of land.

Alliance Magnesium could produce magnesium for several hundred years.