About Alliance Magnesium

Alliance Magnesium is a Canadian company engaged in the production of magnesium metal ingots. Its circular economy approach will allow the company to produce a metal with high added value. It manufactures its ingots from mine tailings and magnesium scrap. Owning land with millions of tonnes of raw material and using clean, proven and patented technology developed in Quebec, Alliance Magnesium is transforming an environmental liability into a responsible economic asset.

Three phases of development

Pilot plant phase

– Establish a continuously operating plant to optimize operating conditions.
– Successfully completed.
– $16 million invested.
  • Finished100%

Commercial demonstration phase

– Produce a maximum of 18 000 T of magnesium annually from mine tailings and recyclable magnesium.
– Investment of $145 million.
  • In construction20%

Commercial plant phase

– Full size with a production capacity of 50,000 t of magnesium ingots per year.
  • To come up0%