ALLIANCE MAGNESIUM: Lowest greenhouse gas generator in the world

Val-des-Sources, Quebec, Canada, February 15, 2021 – A recent study by the International Magnesium Association (IMA) analyzing the life cycle of magnesium used in transportation clearly shows that Quebec-based Alliance Magnesium has the lowest potential for greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions among all magnesium producers in the world.

Result of the international study:
Alliance Magnesium has the most eco-friendly process

Tables 3 and 4 (below) of the IMA study summary show the CO2 emissions from different magnesium production processes around the world. Alliance Magnesium leads the way with the least CO2 emissions. “It really is great news that an objective, external and international authority has confirmed what we demonstrate with our process: Alliance Magnesium is the lowest GHG generator in the world!” says Guy Adam of Alliance Magnesium’s sustainable development team.

Conclusion of the study:
Alliance Magnesium is even further ahead of the pack

The tables and conclusions of the study highlight how Alliance Magnesium has set itself even further ahead of the competition. Competing producers included carbon credits in their calculations, whereas Alliance Magnesium did not. The Quebec company still made first place with less than five kilograms of CO2 per kilogram of magnesium, without using any potential credits. “In fact, we’re already below five, including all elements external to production (e.g. ore processing, transportation, supplier production) and excluding potential carbon credits from the use of amorphous silica, which is also a mine tailings by-product thanks to our process,” says a proud Joël Fournier, President and CTO.

Magnesium Alliance:
Demonstrating Quebec’s potential

Through its assets and expertise, Alliance Magnesium is an opportunity for Quebec to:
1) Position itself concretely as a world leader in the fight against climate change by using this light metal to increase energy efficiency in transportation;
2) Establish the major economic potential of mine tailings in the global market for critical and strategic materials.

About Alliance Magnesium
Alliance Magnesium’s vision is to use circular economy concepts to responsibly produce a strategic metal while making a significant contribution to the fight against global climate change. The company has developed and patented technology based on clean electrolysis to extract the magnesium contained in serpentine rock and produce recycled magnesium. Alliance Magnesium will capitalize on growing demand for metallic magnesium and alloys, particularly in the aircraft and automotive industries. These industries are facing the major challenge of reducing the weight of vehicles and equipment in order to lower greenhouse gas emissions.

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Encl: Appendix: Basis of the study / tables 3 and 4

Basis of the study: The importance of magnesium in the transportation sector

The IMA produced this study to provide scientific and conclusive support for magnesium’s role in addressing climate change in the transportation sector. Vehicle weight reduction has been identified as the main task of the transportation sector, the world’s largest GHG emitter, in meeting greenhouse gas reduction targets. In addition to reducing the energy consumption of vehicles by making them lighter, increasing the range of electric cars is another major incentive for using magnesium.

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