Alliance Magnesium Signs an Important Collaboration Agreement with the Carrefour d’innovation sur les matériaux de la MRC des Sources

Asbestos, September 8, 2020 – Alliance Magnesium Inc. (AMI) is pleased to announce that it has signed a collaboration agreement with the Carrefour d’innovation sur les matériaux de la MRC des Sources (CIMMS). The agreement, which is for a minimum of two years, will allow AMI to benefit from 50% of CIMMS facilities, equipment and technical staff, in addition to having unlimited access to the laboratory. The collaboration began on August 1, 2020, and research and development work has already begun.

The agreement will benefit both organizations equally, thanks to the quality of CIMMS services and the reputation of AMI, a company that plans to produce the world’s most responsible magnesium on a global scale and whose business model is based on continuous improvement and innovation. “Working with an R&D centre that shares our goals of responsible product development, in our backyard, is an extraordinary opportunity. In addition, it will make use of regional expertise,” says Dr. Joël Fournier, President and Chief Technology Officer of AMI.

“The CIMMS is proud to be able to contribute to the success of AMI, and the signing of this agreement consolidates the CIMMS’s position in the magnesium sector. The research and development work envisaged by AMI is perfectly in line with CIMMS’s mission. This confirms how visionary the people of the region have been in establishing this hub of innovation. The agreement with AMI means sharing our facilities, but first and foremost it means sharing a vision,” says François Gouin, President of the CIMMS.

About Alliance Magnesium
Alliance Magnesium has developed and patented technology based on clean electrolysis to extract the magnesium contained in serpentine rock and to produce recycled magnesium. Alliance will capitalize on growing demand for metallic magnesium and alloys, particularly in the aircraft and automotive industries. These industries are facing the major challenge of reducing the weight of vehicles and equipment in order to lower greenhouse gas emissions.
About the Carrefour de l’Innovation Minière de la MRC des Sources
The CIMMS is a non-profit organization that pilots chemical, hydrometallurgy, filtration, purification, ecomaterial and material preparation processes. A state-of-the-art laboratory offers a full range of opportunities.


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