Be part of the Alliance Magnesium team!

A clear mission and shared values for an engaging vision

Being part of the Alliance Magnesium team means being part of an inclusive team that not only participates in the start-up of a plant and a value-added product, it also means building a company based on the team’s mission, vision and values.

Spontaneous application

Your dream job isn’t yet posted? Please do not hesitate to send us your spontaneous application, specifying the field in which you are interested. All applications are kept on file and analyzed when the time comes.

Available positions

The hiring process has begun, in collaboration with Raymond Chabot Human Ressources, and will continue on a gradual basis. First jobs begining first quarter 2021.

To send your CV to one of the posts below, simply click on the link. You will be directed to the job description and a Apply button to take action.

* Alliance Magnesium has an equal employment opportunity program. Only those selected for an interview will be contacted.

What we offer:

Participate in the future: yours, the company, the community and the planet
A 100% Quebec innovation company
Participate in a mine tailings recovery project
Responsible management that allows the company to grow while allowing individuals to push their own limits
Clean technology to create a metal that will reduce greenhouse gases
Collaborative atmosphere where humans are our greatest asset

Do you want to contribute to the development of a major industrial project? Do you want to be of those who will proudly wear the title of builders of the world’s most responsible magnesium company?

With nearly $145 million in funding for the commercial demonstration phase completed, construction of the plant has begun as well as hiring process.

It should be remembered that the casting centre (foundry) will be the first sector in operation in 2021. Construction will continue for the remainder of the plant, until a total of 110 people are hired by the end of 2021.

Alliance Magnesium is in construction to produce a high value-added metal from mine tailings and recycled magnesium. It has patented an innovative technology that will bring about radical change in the world of magnesium production by making the most sustainable magnesium on the planet. The metal production plant involves the following activities: recycling, preparation of the tailings, hydrometallurgical extraction, dehydration, electrolysis and casting. The company will provide its clients with high-purity magnesium, manufactured and distributed according to the principles of sustainable development, while respecting the environment and the community, at the lowest possible cost.