Living in the Des Sources RCM

A fertile RCM in possibilities

The art of innovation is no secret for the MRC des Sources, the smallest territory in southern Quebec. Here, we quickly realized that to make our mark, we had no choice but to show resilience, audacity and inventiveness. Here, we don’t like to do like the others. The creative spirit of citizens is under great pressure to build our emerging territory. Here, proximity is not just a concept of urbanism, it is a way of life. Self-help does not only exist between citizens, it also defines the relationships between companies. Sustainable development is rooted in our DNA. Nature is a precious commodity for us, as is the realization of the deep aspirations of our people. Family life is central to our way of life. This intergenerational mix can be found in our many community places. We take care of our families by meeting their needs with our bilingual schools, our hospital, our leisure offer and our many shops and services. The MRC des Sources is a territory on a human scale where innovation, solidarity and citizen participation are involved in the development of the region.

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The SOURCES RCM is the smallest RCM in the Estrie region, with 7 municipalities (Val-des-Sources, Danville, Wotton, Saint-Georges-de-Windsor, Saint-Camille, Saint-Adrien and Ham-Sud). This small area is a force exploited by the environment that guarantees a beautiful and great social cohesion between the different municipalities. A human-scale MRC, focused on its future by diversifying its economy, focused on sustainable development with its Agenda 21, a region with beautiful hilly landscapes, beautiful “tightly woven” communities, a vibrant and dynamic environment (sport, outdoors and culture). Also, the area is enticing for the accessibility of the property, whether for rent, a house or land in a residential development, the prices are very affordable. A great living, working and family environment!

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