Properties of magnesium

Alliance Magnesium produces a metal with unquestionable environmental qualities.

Numerous uses

Magnesium’s many properties make it a metal of choice in many industries. Technological advances and innovations are leading to the development of many new uses. Its primary current uses continue to be in the transportation and aluminum sectors.

Magnesium: a fast-growing market

Worldwide use of magnesium and its alloys has increased significantly in recent years. Global demand in all sectors using magnesium is expected to grow by about 7% per year over the next decade (IMA, Future Market Insights).

Critical and strategic materials

The economic importance of magnesium has increased considerably in recent years. Access to magnesium is a growing worldwide concern in some industrial sectors. With the increasing use of low GHG emitting technologies, in particular to combat climate change and transition to renewable energy, magnesium is one of the most critical and strategic materials.

Raw material

Decades of chrysotile asbestos mining in Quebec have generated millions of tonnes of serpentine tailings. These tailings have an average metallic magnesium content of 25% and are already milled and ready for processing.