Properties of magnesium

Alliance Magnesium produces a metal with unquestionable environmental qualities.

Magnesium’s low density allows it to be used in vehicles to reduce their total weight.

This makes them more energy-efficient, meaning they consume less fuel. In the case of electric vehicles, magnesium increases battery range.

Helps fight climate change.

Not only does magnesium in general reduce GHGs by reducing vehicles, since every tonne of magnesium used instead of steel reduces GHGs by 23 tonnes, but if we also use the one made at Alliance Magnesium, we add a 20-tonne reduction in GHGs for every tonne produced here.

Excellent density to tensile strength ratio.

Excellent ability to reduce vibration transmission.

More fluid than aluminum —it can more easily fill a complex mould for die casting.

It can also be used to create thinner, and therefore lighter, parts.

Excellent electromagnetic protection properties.

A 1 mm-thick wall reduces electromagnetic transmission by 80%.

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plus léger que l’aluminium
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plus léger que l’acier

Did you know?

There is primary magnesium and secondary magnesium.

Primary magnesium is the metal produced from raw materials, which in the case of Alliance Magnesium comes from tailings containing 25% magnesium. Secondary magnesium is the metal produced by recycling.