Primary magnesium

It is the metallic magnesium produced from this raw material, the tailings, which constitutes the so-called “primary” magnesium. Alliance Magnesium produces pure magnesium ingots, mainly used by aluminum smelters and the auto parts industry.

Secondary magnesium

In keeping with a circular economy mindset, to take full advantage of magnesium’s potential for full circularity and infinite recycling, Alliance Magnesium has made recycling magnesium scrap part of its business plan. This is called secondary magnesium.


Magnesium, like most pure metals, must be alloyed with other materials to obtain a higher strength-to-weight ratio. Magnesium is known for its strength and lightness. The possibilities of alloys are numerous, depending on the properties required. The common elements in alloys are aluminum, zinc, manganese and some other rare metals.


Alliance Magnesium is looking far ahead for its own process-separated waste: all the extracted by-products have potential for recovery, namely amorphous silica, iron, nickel and cobalt.