Primary magnesium

High added value

Decades of chrysotile asbestos mining in Quebec have generated millions of tonnes of serpentine tailings. These tailings have an average metallic magnesium content of 25% and are already milled and ready for processing. Alliance Magnesium owns more than 100 million tonnes of raw material, which will last for over 100 years.

Primary magnesium is the metallic magnesium produced from this raw material, i.e. tailings. Thanks to the process, any residual traces of fibers are completely destroyed in the first steps.

Alliance Magnesium produces pure magnesium ingots, mainly used by aluminum producers. Magnesium is 33% lighter than aluminum and 70% lighter than steel, making it a metal of choice to meet the lightweight requirements of the transportation industry.

This product is available in 8 kg, 12 kg and 23 kg ingots in various shapes.