Sustainable Development

Technology and innovation

The Alliance Magnesium plant produces magnesium ingots using an innovative hydrometallurgy process combined with an electrolysis process. The raw material used is serpentine, which comes from the waste piles accumulated over many decades by the asbestos industry. Alliance Magnesium also produces metallic magnesium using magnesium scrap from the metal processing industry.

Fighting climate change

The magnesium production process used in China generates 26 tonnes of GHG per tonne of magnesium, whereas the Alliance Magnesium process generates only 3 tonnes of GHG for the same amount produced (Source: Enviro Access). Since magnesium lowers GHG emissions for transportation by 23 t, the net outcome is a 20 t GHG reduction per tonne of magnesium for the metal produced in Quebec. Most of Alliance Magnesium’s magnesium is used by the automotive industry.

A circular economy project

Alliance Magnesium embodies the circular economy approach through the recovery and optimization of resources. The raw materials used are serpentine tailings accumulated over several decades by previous mining operations, and magnesium scraps from magnesium processing companies. Alliance Magnesium goes even further for its own process-separated waste: all the extracted by-products have potential for recovery, namely silica, iron, nickel and cobalt.

Demystifying asbestos

Alliance Magnesium’s technology eliminates all residual traces of chrysotile fibres as soon as they enter the production process. This process also completely destroys the fibres, creating an entirely asbestos-free product.

Economic and social benefits

Alliance Magnesium is developing a new industrial sector while maximizing the region’s assets, expertise and opportunities. Alliance Magnesium has a major presence in the lives of many households in the Eastern Townships, through job creation, support for organizations and its indirect impact in the community.

Links with the community

Alliance Magnesium maintains a close connection with its region. Its deep values of transparency and respect for its host community guide its actions and relationship with the community.