Economic and social benefits

Economic diversification

Alliance Magnesium provides a unique opportunity to sustainably diversify the economy of the Des Sources RCM in the Eastern Townships, which has gone through its share of difficulties in recent years. The town of Asbestos receives the highest equalization payments in Quebec.

Alliance Magnesium is also developing a new industrial sector while maximizing the region’s assets, expertise and opportunities. The company is widely supported by socioeconomic stakeholders and the public. Moreover, during a recent consultation with residents conducted by the Des Sources RCM, processing asbestos tailings and potentially creating a magnesium hub were identified as priority objectives.

Procurement strategy

Alliance Magnesium operates as an exemplary corporate citizen. Since its founding, the company’s guiding principles have reflected its commitment to contributing to the economic development of its host region.

To this end, it prioritizes local hiring and acquiring goods and services from nearby businesses. It promotes their integration into the supply chain to create an environment conducive to business development.

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Did you know?

In all, Alliance Magnesium will directly impact the incomes of over 500 families and the entire commercial and industrial life of the region. The company will play a major role in its revitalization.

Hiring and training: networking with nearby schools

In collaboration with its partners and in a spirit of sustainability and cohesion, Alliance Magnesium recognizes many advantages in promoting local and regional hires with comparable skills and qualities.

Accordingly, Alliance Magnesium is developing specific programs and training, in collaboration with various professional and educational organizations, to increase the number of local and regional candidates that qualify for available positions. Measures have been put in place to promote synergy among stakeholders and ensure the development of labour to meet short- and long-term needs, such as with the Cégep de Sherbrooke and the Commission scolaire des Sommets through vocational training.

Alliance Magnesium has immense economic and collective value for our region. After what we have faced over the last few years, our efforts to build a future out of the remains of the past are finally being realized.

Hugues Grimard, Prefect of the Des Sources RCM and Mayor of Val-des-Sources

Other benefits

  • Opportunity to develop a new niche in research and teaching.
  • Attractive project to retain the region’s young people and attract new talent.
  • Professional training environment to welcome interns for all types of jobs.
  • Increased tax revenue for the region and the various levels of government.
  • Development of regional expertise specialized in metallurgical production.
  • Strengthening of the region’s educational institutions (high school and college).