Fighting climate change

The use of magnesium is largely favoured over that of steel and aluminum in Quebec. Magnesium is respectively 70% and 33% lighter than these metals. As such, it contributes directly to reducing greenhouse gases emitted by gasoline-powered vehicles. Using Quebec magnesium produced by Alliance Magnesium further reduces the ecological footprint.

Magnesium in car parts: a direct impact on greenhouse gases

  • Magnesium is very important for making vehicles lighter.
  • Magnesium’s low density allows it to be used in vehicles to reduce their total weight.
  • Light vehicles can operate while consuming less fuel, helping to reduce GHG emissions.
  • Using magnesium to lower a car’s weight by 10% lowers fuel consumption by about 7%.
  • Interest in using magnesium for automotive applications has increased over the past decade as a result.

Life cycle studies (Ehrenberger 2014 and Du et al. 2009) show that making vehicles lighter by using magnesium instead of steel reduces GHG emissions by 23 tonnes per tonne of magnesium used in automotive production.

Magnesium produced by Alliance Magnesium: a greener choice!

Currently, 85% of magnesium production takes place in China using an coal-fired thermal process. This is no longer acceptable economically and environmentally.

The process used in China generates 26 t of GHG per tonne of magnesium, whereas the Alliance Magnesium process generates only 3 t of GHG for the same amount produced (Source: Enviro Access).

In the context of growing demand, it is important to ensure a green choice in the magnesium market: this is what Alliance Magnesium offers.

Alliance Magnesium will produce almost 10 x less GHGs than current producers.

In addition, every tonne of magnesium used in cars, instead of steel, reduces GHGs by 23 tonnes.

Alliance Magnesium in support of the electrification of transportation

The increase in popularity of electric cars is directly linked to greater battery range.

Reduced vehicle weight is 70% responsible for an increase in battery range.

Reducing vehicle weight can also increase performance and durability, allowing for longer periods of use and increased lifespan.

Managing the climate change crisis requires real action. Processors are looking for greener supply sources. Alliance Magnesium’s magnesium production, the most responsible on the planet, is a smart solution.

Did you know?

Alliance Magnesium, through its Vice-President of Sustainable Development received a significant accolade. The company was named one of Canada’s top 50 projects for combatting climate change.