Open and ongoing communication

Citizens’ committee

Since its founding in 2012, the company has collaborated with the Comité de citoyens pour le suivi du projet Alliance Magnésium (clickable link to their site) created by the community. The company meets with this committee several times a year, informs it of developments and helps to establish good communication and share information with the public. This committee reaches out to the people of Des Sources RCM through its website and through the municipality of Asbestos. This interactive site receives questions, comments and concerns from the public regarding the activities of Alliance Magnesium.

Neighbourhood committee

The company has established close communication with the adjacent community, allowing it to work proactively and anticipate requests. Managed by residents and elected officials, this committee meets a few times a year.

Information sessions

Alliance Magnesium maintains a close connection with its region. It provides elected officials and the public with tours and information sessions to give updates on the different stages of the company and to answer questions.

Open houses

Open houses have been organized and the company is developing a communication plan to regularly inform the community about the progress of the project.

Local and regional information

Alliance Magnesium has a presence in the local media, both print and radio.


Through the website, the public can subscribe to a regularly published newsletter.

Alliance Magnésium is associated with

  • The Bape believes that despite China's production of 87% of the world magnesium market, the designation of this metal as a critical mineral by several countries, including the United States, favours its development in Quebec. (Source: Bape Commission of Inquiry, Asbestos Management, p.226)
  • The  Bape believes that thea recovery of asbestos-financed tailings through the extraction of metals and raw materials subscribes to the following principles of sustainable development: environmentalprotection/healthand quality of life/economic/efficiency/protection/andresponsible consumption. The  recovery of tailings could be a tangible application to a circular economy that encourages a rethinking of production and consumption models. (Source:  Acontribution from the  Comission of enquest on the management of asbestos and asbestosresidues,  amiantés,  p. 227)
  • Hugues Grimard
    Alliance Magnesium has immense economic and collective value for our region. After what we have faced over the last few years, our efforts to build a future out of the remains of the past are finally being realized.
    Hugues Grimard
    Prefect of the Des Sources RCM and Mayor of Asbestos
  • Stéphan Morency
    It means subscribing to a new, more efficient, fairer and greener industry, driven by the circular economy, which has enormous potential. This highlights the opportunity of alternative deposits for the preservation of resources by avoiding extraction. We are excited to be one of the partners in this exceptional project, which is part of one of our investment themes: the fight against climate change.
    Stéphan Morency
    Chief Investment Officer at Fondaction
  • Pierre Fitzgibbon
    There is a growing demand for magnesium worldwide, particularly in the automotive and aerospace industries, because it can be used to produce lighter vehicles. This is a valuable resource we can count on for our transportation electrification strategy. The Government of Quebec is proud to support Alliance Magnesium, a clean technology company whose project is a real example of a circular economy that will create major economic benefits for the Des Sources RCM
    Pierre Fitzgibbon
    Minister of Economy and Innovation and Minister Responsible for the Lanaudière Region
  • Taichi Kuribayashi
    Marubeni is actively involved in this project, in collaboration with a strong management team and complementary partners. Magnesium is an indispensable raw material, as is aluminum, and its market is very promising. We are expanding our operations in Quebec, and our wish is to contribute even more to the province's economy.
    Taichi Kuribayashi
    President of Marubeni Metals and Minerals Canada