Technology and innovation

An innovative process

The Alliance Magnesium plant produces magnesium ingots using an innovative hydrometallurgy process combined with an electrolysis process. The raw material used is serpentine, which comes from the waste piles accumulated over many decades by the asbestos industry. Alliance Magnesium also produces metallic magnesium using magnesium scrap from the metal processing industry.

This process consists of five steps:

Preparation of the raw material
Dehydration and drying

A patented process

Alliance Magnesium holds six patent families related to its process. The main steps of its technology are protected in most countries in the world, including in North America, Asia, Europe, etc.

A modern plant

Alliance Magnesium is building a modern plant with state-of-the-art technology and process controls.

Consistent quality

All products developed and manufactured undergo rigorous quality control. The highest industry standards are used: analyses, protocols and internationally recognized ASTM standards.

Continuous improvement

Alliance Magnesium ensures the highest quality of its products through its expert staff and an ambitious staff training program.

The company is developing a network of recognized experts in Quebec, including partnerships with university research centres and locally with the Carrefour d’innovation sur les matériaux de la MRC des Sources.